Process Improvement or Private Investigator?

Often during process improvement projects the team members become private investigators looking at the details, analyzing data, finding clues, and solving problems. This year at Registry Partners we developed a virtual escape room game so that all of our employees could participate in being a Private Investigator.  Everyone was provided a brief one-page story of how a mad scientist did not believe in working from home….

Posted on May. 8, 2023 in From Our Perspective

The Way You Lead Matters

Picture a scenario when someone is asked to type or look up something on the computer and there is a person standing over their shoulder or watching them onscreen through a virtual meeting. The person typing tends to get nervous, makes a couple of typos, and then says, “It’s so hard to do this while someone is watching me.” This is a classic setting of what…

Posted on May. 1, 2023 in From Our Perspective

Meet Our Consultants

What makes our Mentoring Program unique are the Quality Consultants who provide a solid foundation for their mentees to learn, grow within their skills and become confident CTRs. Not only are our Consultants subject matter experts but they are fun, humble and kind people who make an outstanding Team.       But WHO are they? AND Why do THEY love mentoring?  Introducing Heather Donohue! Heather currently coordinates and…

Posted on Apr. 24, 2023 in From Our Perspective

CTR Coding Break – Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer staging application for clinical coding, pN coding and overview of surgery coding is presented in this month’s coding break. Multiple examples are reviewed and discussed to show how and when to appropriately assign clinical staging, and pN coding. Surgery coding information is briefly discussed as well, in addition to the new code(s)/structure of codes for diagnosis year 2023.  Imaging and physician statements regarding a…

Posted on Apr. 17, 2023 in CTR Coding Break