Registry Partners offers a comprehensive team of experienced trauma registrars. We support national, regional, and state data collection as well as the American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Program (ACS TQIP®) data collection. Our team can:

  • Identify trauma cases to be entered into a registry
  • Provide trauma registry data abstraction
  • Identify performance improvement issues, complications, and re-admissions
  • Collect TQIP data elements 
  • Provide brief case summaries, which may be helpful during surveys 
  • Assist with trauma reports and morbidity and mortality reviews

Team Expertise

Each member of our trauma team has experience and training, including:

  • Completion of the trauma registry course
  • Completion of AAAM AIS coding courses
  • Experience with ICD-10 and AIS coding
  • Ongoing continuing education in trauma registry skills and knowledge

Need assistance meeting the new and updated ACS Trauma Center Standards? We can help

Explore Trauma Registry Solutions

The Registry Partners management team works directly with hospitals to identify their unique registry needs based on trauma level, deadlines, volumes, and future program goals. A project team is then assigned with a project manager who serves as a direct point of contact. The project manager works directly with the hospital to refine expectations and provide ongoing updates regarding project status. 

To learn more about how our trauma registry expertise can benefit your hospital system, complete this convenient online form or by call (866) 287-2968.