May 20 is Clinical Trials Day

Clinical Research Professionals around the world invite everyone to join in celebrating Clinical Trials Day on May 20, 2022. Since 2005, Clinical Trials Day has been celebrated around the world in recognition of the first randomized clinical trial begun on May 20, 1747. This is the date that James Lind allocated men to different daily treatments with the goal of eliminating scurvy from the British fleet. Participating…

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NCRW 2022 Recap

Registry Partners celebrated NATIONAL CANCER REGISTRARS WEEK (NCRW) along with CTRs all across the nation on April 4-8, 2022! At Registry Partners, we celebrated our CTRs with a week full of virtual activities! This included a game, Speed Fingers Typing Contest, a virtual journey around the country to learn more about where everyone is from, and RP Spirit Day.  Our Registry Partners Speed Fingers Award went…

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Milestone Monday – Donna Renaue – 15 Year Anniversary

Donna Renaue, Registry Operations Manager for the Oncology Services Line, celebrated her 15-Year Anniversary on January 2, 2022.  Donna joined our team part-time in January of 2007. For the past 15 years, Donna has worked in many positions within the Oncology Service Line, including those of Project Manager, Project Director, and her most recent, Registry Operations Manager, to which she was promoted in January of 2019….

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Milestone Monday – Lynn Smith – 10 Year Anniversary

Lynn Smith, Senior CTR for our Oncology Services, celebrated her 10-Year Anniversary on January 16, 2022. Lynn’s career with Registry Partners began in January 2012 as a part-time CTR and she has been with us ever since! When asked what it meant to reach this milestone, Lynn said, “Ten years is a long time, it has flown by.” When asked what has contributed to her longevity…

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