Virtual Pediatric Systems

The Virtual Pediatric Systems (VPS) Registry currently includes data from over 200 pediatric critical care hospital units and over 1.5 million patient admission records. The registry utilizes high-quality data management and comparative reports from its database to support clinical research and protocols, ultimately improving critical care quality and outcomes for all children and their families. This robust database is the largest collaborative for quality improvement based on severity-of-illness adjusted comparisons of detailed patient records in pediatric critical care. 

VPS has many benefits for hospital participants, some of which include:

  1. Valid, comprehensive clinical data
  2. Severity adjustment for all cases
  3. Means for internal and peer benchmarking
  4. Tools for multi-institutional studies and research
  5. Data capture for national reporting and quality initiative standards

Registry Partners’ VPS team has assisted facilities nationwide with their data collection efforts. Our assistance includes:

  • A discovery call to learn more about your facility, determine its needs, and provide feedback related to the program 
  • Collaborative work to create a plan to support your facility (full outsourcing, contingency, or backlog support options)
  • A Registry Partners team of experienced pediatric VPS data abstractors and a site coordinator who functions as the project manager
  • Regular quality and productivity monitoring and regular communication with your facility
  • Quarterly inter-rater reliability (IRR)
  • Our teams participate in the VPS conference regularly as well as VPS University 

Explore VPS Solutions with Registry Partners
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