Vascular Quality Initiative

The Vascular Quality Initiative’s (VQI) mission is to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and cost of vascular healthcare by collecting and exchanging information.

VQI’s registries contain demographic, clinical, procedural, and outcomes data from vascular procedures performed nationwide and in Canada. Each record includes information from the patient’s initial hospitalization and at one-year follow-up. This data allows centers and providers to compare their performance to both regional and national benchmarks in an effort to improve the delivery of vascular care, reducing complications and expenses.

Using data from the registry, providers are able to:

  • stratify risk
  • analyze outcomes
  • develop quality improvement
  • define best clinical practices
  • assess comparative effectiveness research
  • improve resource utilization

Explore VQI Solutions with Registry Partners

Registry Partners has a team of experienced abstractors who provide services and support for organizations participating in the Vascular Quality initiative. To explore how we can help support your VQI efforts, email, or complete this convenient online form. You may also call us at (866) 287-2968.