What resources do we offer hospital leadership to maintain oversight of their registries?

  • Analysis of processes, monitoring task completion, and reviewing quality of abstraction performed by hospital staff and Registry Partners project team
  • Assistance with defining budgetary requirements
  • Data analysis/reporting
  • Data quality/edit reports
  • Data harvest/submission needs

Quality and Expertise

Registry Partners consultants work with clients to define solutions based on needs, deadlines, and existing staff. Project parameters and abstracting guidelines are created and approved by the client to ensure the completeness and quality of the data being collected. Quality of abstraction is a priority and monitored with weekly case reviews and monthly data reports for critical fields. This process provides an organized and streamlined approach while also being transparent with the work being performed.

Your project management team will supervise your assigned team members, monitor productivity, review data abstraction quality, and provide ongoing client communication on your project status. Your project team will complete all registry operations including data analysis, ensuring the highest level of support and data quality. 

All Registry Partners team members are responsible for demonstrating expertise in their respective specialty by providing documentation of required registry-specific certification and/or successful completion of internal skills assessments. For areas requiring specific certifications, we ensure our staff are credentialed and maintain credentialing throughout employment. Registry Partners abstractors assigned to a project consider themselves a part of the hospital team and are dedicated to their success.

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