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Consultant Spotlight: Janice Pagano, CTR – Quality Manager

Janice serves as a data abstraction subject matter expert, ensuring data accuracy through quality control oversight, while keeping abreast of industry specific data collection rules and specification changes and providing ongoing education to her assigned data abstraction teams. Prior to joining Registry Partners, Janice served as Cancer Registry Manager for Ocala Health in Florida, a Tumor Registry Supervisor for Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii and…

Posted on Mar. 13, 2019 in Consultant Spotlight

Quick Access to the Cancer Registry 2018 Manual Updates

As you are aware, the 2018 cancer registry changes have impacted every manual cancer registrars use and the updates seem to be never ending! We have prepared a reference list below for quick access to the various manuals and updates.  Many of the 2018 draft manuals have been finalized over the last few months. Be sure you are using the most up to date versions that…

Posted on Mar. 11, 2019 in How Should I Code This?

10 Tips For a Successful Phone Interview

In order for employers to realistically weed through all of the job applications they receive, companies are conducting phone interviews as a frequent screening tool. This helps narrow down the pool of applicants to those felt to be most qualified, before conducting a more formal and final interview. Even though this is a preliminary step, the phone interview should be treated with the same level of…

Posted on Mar. 8, 2019 in Recruitment