Presenting Trauma Registry Tips!

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Trauma Registry Tips! Our first video is titled: “Trauma Registry Tips: Abstracting Tips for Coding Brain Injuries.” This presentation begins with a review of how to code a traumatic injury in a simple five (5) step process. This thought process can be applied in all coding for traumatically injured patients. Next, a brief review of brain anatomy and basic functions….

Posted on Sep. 15, 2022 in Trauma Registry Tips

Sepsis Chatter – Broad Spectrum or Other Antibiotic Administration

Welcome to the August 2022 Edition of Sepsis Chatter! Our newest video presentation is titled: Sepsis Chatter – Broad Spectrum or Other Antibiotic Administration: Abstracting The Correct Date And Time. This presentation begins with a review of the current CMS abstraction guidance related to Broad Spectrum and Other Antibiotic Administration. The discussion will focus on the following situations: One antibiotic administered within the specified time frame…

Posted on Aug. 29, 2022 in Sepsis Chatter

CTR Coding Break – Thyroid Gland Surgical Codes

Often when a patient is surgically treated for thyroid malignancy, multiple surgical procedures might be recommended and performed depending on the severity of the malignancy. Per STORE manual 2022 page 55 “when multiple first course procedures coded under the same item are performed for a primary, the most extensive or definitive is the last performed, and the code represents the cumulative effect of the separate procedures”….

Posted on Aug. 25, 2022 in CTR Coding Break

CTR Coding Break – Hematopoietic Transformations

The July 2022 CTR Coding Break titled Hematopoietic Transformations discusses why hematopoietic transformations occur, the difference between transformations to and transformations from, the multiple primary rules in the Hematopoietic Manual as well as walks through three case examples. Hematopoietic cancers are malignancies of immune system cells. Chronic neoplasms transform to acute/more severe neoplasms and are the most common form of transformation. Neoplasms may be diagnosed in…

Posted on Jul. 28, 2022 in CTR Coding Break