Vermont Oxford Network

The Vermont Oxford Network (VON) partnering hospitals are collaborating to improve neonatal care around the world with data-driven quality improvement, education, and research. VON serves to analyze and provide benchmarking data for individual centers and groups that can be used to identify local opportunities for improvement of neonatal care through four different databases:

  1. Very Low Birth Weight Database: 401–1500 grams birth weight or 22–29 weeks gestational age
  2. Expanded Database: all infants admitted to a NICU within 28 days of birth
  3. Extremely Low Birth Weight Follow-Up:  health and neurological development for infants <1000 grams or 22–28 weeks gestational age at birth.
  4. Global Neonatal Database: all neonatal unit admissions in resource-limited settings.

VON reports and reporting tools, generated from these databases, can help member hospitals improve care for infants and families by tracking their performance over time on measures related to treatment practices, morbidity, mortality, and length of stay. Hospitals are expected to collect and enter data in a timely manner and to meet annual deadlines for data submission. 

Let us be your partner for VON data collection and submission at your hospital. Our experienced VON abstractors and management team look forward to learning how we can serve you. 

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