We pride ourselves for being known for our work ethic and commitment to quality. Registry Partners has developed many long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and much of our years of success, we can proudly say, can be attributed to word-of-mouth or referrals from one client to another. We work one-on-one with each client to evaluate their needs, define an action plan, and work collaboratively to construct a road map outlining project expectations and goals. This project road map serves as a resource for our own internal staff, but it can also serve as a training guide or resource for our client’s on-site staff to ensure consistency and accuracy across both teams. Whether we are serving in an outsource capacity or augmenting your existing team, our main focus is our dedication to meeting your needs and goals, the quality of your data, and promoting positive operational efficiencies.

We are very passionate about the quality of data being collected. Each of our projects has a quality control or validation manager assigned to ensure ongoing accuracy and consistency of data collection across each project team. We ensure a 90% abstraction overall accuracy rate for cases abstracted and can customize our QC/Validation procedures based on the facility’s needs or preferences (i.e. CDAC validation- specific needs).

We have appointed a security officer to stay abreast of the laws and regulations surrounding protected health information. To ensure ongoing compliance with federal law, we have developed an internal Corporate Security Program. The Corporate Security Program helps us protect the PHI we work with on a daily basis based on policies and procedures that meet or exceed the HIPAA, HITECH, Final Omnibus rule. All team members complete a Corporate Security Program orientation and training, utilize encrypted PCs, secure email, and encrypted fax lines when necessary, and complete an annual PC security compliance check. In addition, Registry Partners has completed a third-party security audit to ensure we have addressed all aspects of corporate security to protect our clients and the data entrusted to us.