Sepsis Chatter – Initial Lactate Collection & Results Repeat Lactate Collection

Our newest video for the May 2022 edition of Sepsis Chatter is titled: “Sepsis Chatter- Initial Lactate Collection & Results and Repeat Lactate Collection”. This presentation begins with an overview of the rationale for collecting lactate levels in patients with sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock. Next we will focus on our three topics of interest individually: Initial Lactate Collection, Lactate Results, and Repeat Lactate Collection….

Posted on May. 23, 2022 in Sepsis Chatter

Introducing Sepsis Chatter!

The Registry Partners Quality Team is excited to announce a new series of educational videos called: “Sepsis Chatter”. Sepsis Chatter will consist of one 5-10 minute video presentation that is published monthly to address the challenging topics and new guidance related to Sepsis Core Measure abstraction. Our video for the April Sepsis Chatter focuses on the presentation of severe sepsis met by clinical criteria and when…

Posted on Apr. 14, 2022 in Sepsis Chatter