Sepsis Chatter – Septic Shock: Onset of Persistent/New Hypotension and Vasopressor Administration

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Susan VonBosse

RN Quality Consultant

Welcome to the June 2023 Edition of Sepsis Chatter!

Our newest video presentation is titled: Sepsis Chatter-Septic Shock: Persistent/New Hypotension and Vasopressor Administration

This presentation builds upon the information in the previous Sepsis Chatter presentations titled: Sepsis Chatter- Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Crystalloid Fluid Administration Parts I and II.

The following topics will be explored:

  • Identifying patients who will need to be assessed for Persistent/New Hypotension
  • Applying the Data Element Allowable Values per the current Specifications Manual guidance
  • Determining if a Vasopressor is warranted.
  • Knowing which medications will meet the data element requirement
  • Calculating the acceptable time frame to administer a vasopressor based on the presentation of septic shock
  • Selecting the correct date and time of vasopressor administration

Each of the covered topics will include specific abstraction guidance that is defined in the current and upcoming versions of the CMS Specifications Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures Discharges (v5.13) 1/1-6/30/23 and (v5.14) 7/1-12/31/23. We will review the application of these guidelines using examples and rationale.

*For the most accurate guidance, please refer to the version of the Specifications Manual that corresponds to the Discharge Date(s) that are being reviewed.

Click here to download this month’s presentation as a PDF.