Remote Work Saves You Time & Money

In an article recently published by FlexJobs, some fascinating statistics about remote work were included, some of which have been shared below. If you have never worked remotely before, what are you waiting for? There is great potential for saving both time and money… and who couldn’t benefit from that? Current Percentage of Remote Workers in the U.S.: The national average of remote workers in the…

Posted on Jun. 19, 2019 in Career Insights

How To Be Successful In A Remote Position

Have you ever considered transitioning to a job where you can work from home? Are you sick of dealing with traffic and having to take time off work to go to doctor’s appointments or participate in school activities for your children? Having a better work-life balance and remote work options are more and more popular in today’s job market. If you’ve been considering a remote position…

Posted on May. 22, 2019 in Career Insights

“A She-Shed … Every Remote Workers Dream”

Last summer I found myself sitting in church thinking about what I could do to better help my family.  My children were involved in sports and boy scouts and I really wanted to spend more time with them and help them with their projects. My husband is only one person and I needed to figure out a way to pitch in more to help him but…

Posted on May. 17, 2019 in Career Insights

Tips to Promote a Work-Life Balance in the Workplace

It is sometimes difficult to separate work from our personal lives especially with technology being readily available and always at your fingertips. I recently read an article called “8 Top Tips to Promote Work-Life Balance in Your Office” and wanted to share some of the tips provided.  These tips may help employers and employees alike  to boost workplace well being and promote a better work-life balance….

Posted on Apr. 24, 2019 in Career Insights