“A She-Shed … Every Remote Workers Dream”


Marketing Manager

Last summer I found myself sitting in church thinking about what I could do to better help my family.  My children were involved in sports and boy scouts and I really wanted to spend more time with them and help them with their projects.

My husband is only one person and I needed to figure out a way to pitch in more to help him but my “day job” at the time, was far from ideal in terms of flexibility. As I sat in the church pew, I began considering part-time remote work.

Shortly thereafter, the State Farm Insurance commercial came on T.V. showing Cheryl and her “She-Shed”. I began to think, “wouldn’t that be a perfect fit for me if I decided to work from home?”

My husband saw the stress I brought home every day from my regular day job. He said that if I didn’t try it (remote work), I would never know. I took the thoughts from my church pew, and put them into action.  I accepted a part-time remote position with Registry Partners initially, as a Project CTR, abstracting. My husband saw how much happier I was and asked if I wanted to do it full time. I then applied for a full-time position with Registry Partners as a Project Manager … and within a week I had my “She-Shed” with my “She Stuff”.  

Looking back, I have no regrets for leaving a big institution and finding a better work-life balance with Registry Partners and I love having my own “space” in my “She Shed”.