A Guide for Successfully Working From Home 

Recently, the demand for remote work has been higher than ever. While some employees thrive immediately in a remote environment, others may struggle with the self-motivation and change in structure while working from home. Therefore, it’s essential to properly plan and prepare before transitioning to a remote work environment. While the employer or manager needs to create the framework for a successful remote transition, the employee…

Posted on Nov. 11, 2021 in From Our Perspective

November is Child Safety and Protection Month

Unintentional injuries (accidents) are the leading cause of death in children in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 12,000 children ages 0-19 years old die each year in the US from an unintentional injury. Regrettably, most of these deaths were due to preventable causes. November is National Child Safety and Protection Month, which serves as a great…

Posted on Nov. 4, 2021 in From Our Perspective

National Mentoring Day is October 27th

National Mentoring Day is a celebration of those who educate, inspire, and connect us towards our goals and positive change in our professional and personal journey. Those who mentor share their gifts of talent, time, patience, and guidance. They create a safe and trusting relationship that allows the mentee to reach outside their comfort zone, ask questions, allow risks and gain confidence along the way. Our…

Posted on Oct. 21, 2021 in From Our Perspective

A Day in the Life of a Registry Partners CTR Attracts National Attention

Although we are very familiar with the work of CTRs here at Registry Partners, we recognize that not everyone understands what a Certified Tumor Registrar does on a daily basis! So, we were thrilled when OwlGuru.com asked our Quality Manager (and CTR) Jennifer Brown to share with its readers her typical day on the job, as well as the pros and cons of being a CTR….

Posted on Sep. 23, 2021 in From Our Perspective