Process Improvement or Private Investigator?

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Often during process improvement projects the team members become private investigators looking at the details, analyzing data, finding clues, and solving problems. This year at Registry Partners we developed a virtual escape room game so that all of our employees could participate in being a Private Investigator. 

Everyone was provided a brief one-page story of how a mad scientist did not believe in working from home. This scientist thought the idea of remote work was insanity; employees should not have flexibility and happiness, as this causes them to lose attention to detail. The mad scientist wants to stop all those who work from home and the companies they work for. In an effort to stop them, he locked our senior leaders up at the corporate office. To save Registry Partners and the senior leaders, the employees must unlock the secret code and prove working from home does not cause a loss in attention to detail and makes for amazing employees. 

The employees were able to click a link to the Virtual Lab Room. Here a 15 minute timer began, and they had to search the room looking for clues. This meant moving their mouse around the room clicking on different objects, i.e. papers, flasks. 

The clues were a combination of riddles and statements on linked documents and forms. 

Correct answer – 2

There were many clues that had similar results or the same number, but only four numbers in the correct order were needed. Once the employee believed they had the correct 4-digit numerical code, they could enter it into the keypad. If they were correct the countdown clock stopped and a congratulations appeared. If they were incorrect the clock continued and they could try as often as they liked. 

We shared this game with our employees during Healthcare Quality Week, National Cancer Registrars Week and our own internal Corporate Week so that all our employees had an opportunity to enjoy the fun and some down time from working. The majority of our employees were able to find clues and unlock the keypad in under eight minutes. 

I would like to thank Jennifer Carter, MSN Registry Director for Pediatric Services; Sandy Dalen, Vice President for Clinical Registries; Abby Maness, Human Resources Generalist II; Crystal Lemons, Human Resources Generalist I; and Amanda Kraushaar, Vice President of Registry Operations for coordinating all the activities during Registry Partners celebration weeks. 

And congratulations to the winners of a random drawings:

Tinatin Gumberidze and Leah Brousalis during Healthcare Quality Week

Rebecca Wright during Corporate Week

Nicholas Dudas and Katherine Gilbertson during National Cancer Registrar Week