Team Testimonial Tuesday

“Team Testimonial Tuesday”: Hear what our team is saying about why they choose to work for Registry Partners and what they like most about it … “The flexibility in my schedule, the opportunity for professional growth and the people I have been able to work with are wonderful; I have never worked in such an atmosphere.” -S.G.

Posted on Jul. 11, 2017 in From Our Perspective

5 Important Attributes Job Seekers Look For & How Registry Partners Compares

When looking for a new job, there are many factors to consider and many places to apply … but how do you know which one is the right fit for you? Here are a few attributes we believe are important to consider and research further before submitting your formal application. These five concepts may help you find the best fit and ensure long lasting job satisfaction….

Posted on Jul. 6, 2017 in Career Insights

Happy Fourth of July from Registry Partners

Registry Partners wishes you a Happy Fourth of July. May we all count our blessings and appreciate our freedom today. Four Fourth of July Fun Facts: Happy July 2nd? – Author Kenneth C. Davis has revealed that the 2nd of July may actually be the more appropriate date to mark the nation’s special day. “The fact is that John Adams wrote home to Abigail on the 3rd that this…

Posted on Jul. 3, 2017 in From Our Perspective

Corporate Security: Another wave of cyberattacks in last 24 hours globally

News outlets are reporting another wave of ransomware attacks affecting computers within the last 24 hours: Spain, India, some parts of the United Kingdom and now parts of the United States including Merck & Co pharmaceutical giant. This attack is believed to have started in the Ukraine, and is called the Petya attack. Petya is a virus that encrypts files of your computer and holds them…

Posted on Jun. 28, 2017 in Security