5 Important Attributes Job Seekers Look For & How Registry Partners Compares


When looking for a new job, there are many factors to consider and many places to apply … but how do you know which one is the right fit for you? Here are a few attributes we believe are important to consider and research further before submitting your formal application. These five concepts may help you find the best fit and ensure long lasting job satisfaction.  

1. Career Growth & Development

Job seekers often look for an employer where they can learn, develop and grow, both personally and professionally. Most job seekers prefer to work for an employer who invests in their employees with access to continuing education and career growth and development.

At Registry Partners, many of our employees find the growth and advancement they are looking that was missing in their previous position. Registry Partners is passionate about helping our team develop and grow and we promote from within whenever possible. Here are two examples of potential career pathways in our Oncology and Quality Services Divisions.

Oncology Services Division

Quality Services Division

2. Work-Life Balance

Many job seekers look for employers who allow a flexible work schedule that allows for more personal and family time outside of the office. Job seekers are looking for an employer who recognizes the importance of life outside of work, allowing flexibility for the responsibilities, relationships and other roles employees may be filling outside of their workday.  

At Registry Partners, the majority of positions are 100% remote. Registry Partners is committed to providing a better work-life balance for working parents. We believe family is important and understand the various commitments employees have outside of work. Our positions provide the flexibility needed to work around doctor’s appointments, children’s school and extracurricular activities, caring for a sick child or ill family member, and other life events that occur unexpectedly.

3. Organization Culture & Work Environment

An organization culture and work environment greatly determine whether or not an employee has found the right fit. It also affects the overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction an employee experiences in the workplace.

At Registry Partners, our company culture and the level of support and care we have for our employees is like no other. We also place a special emphasis on employee recognition and appreciation and value the success of each employee.

4. Company’s Values & Vision

A sense of belonging is important to job seekers who are contemplating a change. Joining an organization that has a meaningful vision and mission is something that is often overlooked. Researching the organization’s vision and mission statement prior to applying for a position helps the job seeker see how closely the company aligns with their personal beliefs and expectations. This will help the job seeker differentiate organizations that may or may not be the best fit for them. An employee wants to be a part of an organization with principles that they respect, and believe in.

At Registry Partners, our corporate mission and vision are alive and palpable each and every day. Our corporate mission statement is: Love God, love people, and strive to be a positive influence in the personal and professional communities we touch each day and our vision statement is: “Getting there together, whatever it takes” (“there” equals success … as defined by the clients we serve, the employees we hire, and Board of Directors that governs us).

5. Mentoring/Leadership:

An important and valuable characteristic is the role of mentoring and leadership within an organization. Job seekers may find themselves more drawn to organizations with longevity not only as a company but within the leadership team. Job seekers may also be looking for strong leadership who are available to mentor newcomers and help them achieve their career goals.

At Registry Partners, our division leadership teams have experienced 10+ years of longevity with the company and have groomed and mentored many new team members to fulfill their career goals and achieve their own service milestones and longevity with the company. Our leaders are committed to and invest in the growth and development of each employee. We strive to ensure employee success and to achieve the level of career growth they desire.

If you are interested in working for an organization with a mission and vision that is genuine, a leadership team that is committed to helping you achieve your career goals and a flexible schedule that helps you achieve a better work/life balance, please visit www.registrypartners.com/careers and apply today!