Team Testimonial Tuesday

“Team Testimonial Tuesday”:  Hear what our team is saying about why they choose to work for Registry Partners and what they like most about it … “The values the company holds, the professionalism, the flexible work schedules and the Quality Control team.” ~ H.M.

Posted on Jul. 25, 2017 in From Our Perspective

Are you drowning in emails?

An overloaded inbox with emails that are a waste of your time or an ineffective method of communication causes stress and wasted time for everyone involved. Here are a few suggestions to consider when sending an email. Can you figure out the answer on your own? Would it be better to wait another hour or so before sending an email when you have received additional information?…

Posted on Jul. 24, 2017 in From Our Perspective

Middle Ducks Sleep with Both Eyes Closed

Many animals and birds have the ability to sleep with only one hemisphere of the brain going dormant at a time, which affords them some measure of protection from predators while resting. Ducks sleeping in a row actually seem to assign the role of “guard duty” to the ducks on either end of the row. The “end ducks” have been observed with the eye facing toward…

Posted on Jul. 17, 2017 in From Our Perspective