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April is National Autism Awareness Month

April 1st marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month 2020, the Year of Kindness, with World Autism Awareness Day being commemorated on April 2, 2020. The month is dedicated to promoting autism awareness, inclusion, and ensuring those on the spectrum have the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Autism covers a spectrum of developmental disorders that can cause varying levels of social, communication…

Posted on Apr. 1, 2020 in From Our Perspective

Spotting a Scam Email

Scam or fake emails are a fact of modern life, unfortunately. Every day inboxes are assaulted with scams attempting to trick users out of passwords, account access, money or other sensitive information. Even though email systems are increasingly able to filter out fake or spoofed emails, some messages inevitably sneak their way through to the Inbox. Knowledge is power when it comes to security. To that…

Posted on Mar. 30, 2020 in Corporate Security

CTR Coding Break – Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment

This month’s CTR Coding Break focuses on Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment. Coding for radiation treatment has changed significantly for cases beginning with a diagnosis date of 01/01/2018 to provide NCDB with a more complete and accurate description of contemporary radiation treatment. The following is a brief description with several examples taken directly from the CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment v2.0, February 2020

Posted on Mar. 25, 2020 in CTR Coding Break

National Poison Prevention Week

National Poison Prevention Week is March 15-21, 2020. This week is an opportunity to highlight the dangers of poisonings for people of all ages and to promote community involvement in poison prevention. Poisoning Basics: What types of substances can be poisonous?   Poison can come in solid, liquid, spray, or gas form. Some common examples include: Alcohol Carbon monoxide Medicines Personal care products Household chemicals Plants Insect…

Posted on Mar. 20, 2020 in From Our Perspective