CTR Coding Break – 2023 Melanoma Surgery Codes

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January 2023 brought significant changes to abstracting and coding melanoma of the skin. In this brief presentation we will review the addition of the new surgery fields “RX Summ Surg 2023” and “RX Hosp Surg 2023” and show the major differences between the pre-2023 surgery fields (Surgical Procedure of Primary Site & Surgical Procedure of Primary Site at this Facility) and the new 2023 surgery fields. We will review the major changes to the surgical codes for melanoma of the skin and provide a quick explanation of changes from the pre-2023 codes to the new 2023 codes. We will review a list of reminders for when applying these new surgery codes and introduce the new SSDI Clinical Margin Width. We will introduce the new Appendix M  of the 2023 STORE Manual, “A CTR’s guide to Coding Melanoma”, and provide a brief overview. Finally, we will test our knowledge of these new fields and data items with case coding examples.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us for this live presentation this month! Click here if you would like to download this presentation as a PDF. And lastly, keep an eye out for future LIVE CTR Coding Breaks on our Events page!