Consultant Spotlight: Vicky Ban, CTR

Vicky Ban

Vicky Ban  has worked with Registry Partners, Inc in a full time capacity since August of 2011.  She began her employment as a Project CTR.  She was promoted to a Project Specialist and continued her advancement to Project Management in  February of 2013.   Vicky  has worked on a variety of projects consisting of state report only and accredited cancer program projects. She has experience with facilities seeking…

Posted on Feb. 5, 2015 in Spotlight

Do you know a cancer registrar pursuing their CTR certification?

Registry Partners Consultants have mentored many registrars as they have pursued obtaining their CTR.   Seeing someone learn and grow in their confidence of the world of cancer registries has been very rewarding.   All CTRs working at Registry Partners must not only pass their CTR exam but also pass a skills assessment exam.   Due to the positive feedback we have received in the past, we now offer the exam to…

Posted on Feb. 3, 2015 in From Our Perspective