Do you know a cancer registrar pursuing their CTR certification?


Marketing Manager

Registry Partners Consultants have mentored many registrars as they have pursued obtaining their CTR.   Seeing someone learn and grow in their confidence of the world of cancer registries has been very rewarding.   All CTRs working at Registry Partners must not only pass their CTR exam but also pass a skills assessment exam.   Due to the positive feedback we have received in the past, we now offer the exam to registrars to use in preparation for their CTR exam.   The exam is taken online at a date and time selected by the registrar.  The questions are multiple choice and include abstracting, casefinding, follow-up and CoC compliance.   The results of the assessment are discussed via WebEx between the registrar and an experienced CTR.  Any incorrect answers are discussed and references are provided in order to find the documentation for the correct answers within one of the standard manuals.     The exam assists candidates by determining areas to focus on during final preparations and ensures the candidate can utilize the manuals efficiently and correctly.


In some cases, a passing score on the Registry Partners exam provides much-needed confidence when taking the “real” CTR exam!


Please use the Question Submission Form on our blog to obtain further information on the RPI Skills Exam.