Marketing and Promoting Hospital CoC Accreditation

Susan Rubin, Manager of Accreditation Program Business Development, presented findings from a recent survey of CoC accredited programs at the annual surveyors and consultants training in November of 2014.  Facilities stated they are not promoting their CoC accreditation due to a variety of reasons.  A few examples of responses were lack of funds, decision at the corporate level, not knowing that they could promote the accreditation, promotion…

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Commission on Cancer Activity Updates

Dr.  Daniel McKellar, MD, FACS Chair of the Commission on Cancer presented the current status of the CoC’s activities during the CoC Surveyor and Consultant Annual Training.  Several new accreditation programs are being developed including Pediatric specific standards and quality measures.  A standards manual has been completed for Oncology Medical Home Accreditation with pilot surveys of seven sites planned for the first quarter of 2015.    The…

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Consultant Spotlight: Carla Edwards, CTR

Carla Edwards

  Carla Edwards serves in the position of Project Director for the Oncology Services Division. Carla is  tasked with overseeing and directing hospital based projects including both CoC accredited programs and those hospitals only reporting to the central registry.   Carla  also directs  registry operations for those programs.  Additionally, Carla will  serve as a mentor and resource to both existing and new project managers and project specialists. …

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Thanksgiving advice from ACS

The American Cancer Society has made recommendations for a healthier Thanksgiving. As Cancer Program Consultants, we should probably be recommending this, but some things are easier said than done!

  • Don’t go to the table hungry
  • Drink water all day long
  • Watch your portions sizes
  • Eat your veggies first […]
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