Commission on Cancer Activity Updates


Marketing Manager

Dr.  Daniel McKellar, MD, FACS Chair of the Commission on Cancer presented the current status of the CoC’s activities during the CoC Surveyor and Consultant Annual Training.  Several new accreditation programs are being developed including Pediatric specific standards and quality measures.  A standards manual has been completed for Oncology Medical Home Accreditation with pilot surveys of seven sites planned for the first quarter of 2015.    The Oncology Medical Home accreditation strives to ensure quality delivery of cancer care.  Private insurances and Medicare demand quality and value in health care by measuring established attributes.  The Oncology Medical home ensures that quality and value are consistently delivered through constant monitoring and measuring.

The National Accreditation Program of Breast Centers has recently conducted their first international survey and a Rectal Cancer Center accreditation has been approved by the American College of Surgeons.  A Rectal Cancer Center accreditation requires Commission on Cancer accreditation as well as additional standards that are currently being developed.

Information was provided regarding the CQIP 2014 report including the new quality measures to be reported. The new measures to CP³R and CQIP are (1) systemic chemotherapy being administered within 4 months before or day of surgery to 6 months postoperatively for NSCLC, N1, pN2, (2) at least 10 regional lymph nodes are removed and pathologically examined for AJCC stage IA, IB, IIA, and IIB resected NSCLC, and (3) removal of 15 or more lymph nodes for gastric cancer resections.  Risk-Adjusted survival is another new inclusion in the CQIP 2014 report.   Measuring unadjusted operative mortality performance will also be available to identify potential opportunities for improvement.  This measure provides information on 30 and 90 day post-op survival outcomes.

Quality measures are being developed for melanoma, urologic oncology, additional breast and rectal cancers, and pediatric oncology.