Marketing and Promoting Hospital CoC Accreditation


Marketing Manager

Susan Rubin, Manager of Accreditation Program Business Development, presented findings from a recent survey of CoC accredited programs at the annual surveyors and consultants training in November of 2014.  Facilities stated they are not promoting their CoC accreditation due to a variety of reasons.  A few examples of responses were lack of funds, decision at the corporate level, not knowing that they could promote the accreditation, promotion is not a priority, the accreditation is not important to patients and families, because it is a standard of care.  Due to these reasons, seventy-five percent of the survey responses stated they are not currently using the CoC-Accredited Program logo.

The Commission on Cancer is dedicated to assisting programs in promoting their accreditation and sharing the value of this accreditation with the public. Susan provided several examples of facilities promoting their CoC during the annual training and encouraged the surveyors to discuss the tools available during their surveys.

CoC-Accredited cancer program marketing materials are available for all programs through their website. The link is