Annual Results from our “Commit to be Fit” Program


Marketing Manager

In 2019 we launched our first company-wide fitness program “Commit to be Fit”. Well, the journey has come to an end; and what a journey it has been. Together we have walked over 104 million steps, which is more than 43 thousand miles. 

Over the past year, we participated in numerous challenges around the number of steps and minutes of activity. In addition, there were different strength training challenges that included progressive quantities of such things as push-ups, squats, and crunches.

Along our journey, we shared tips about drinking water and standing instead of sitting at work. In addition to many motivational emails and texts.

Our biggest winner for the percentage of weight loss was Nikki Maddox, Executive Registry Services Director, at 29.81%. Nikki, and a guest, will be enjoying a 5-night Celebrity Western Caribbean Cruise traveling from Miami to Key West and Cozumel later this winter. 

We asked Nikki for her thoughts and any advice for others:

“I am still in a bit of disbelief. Wow! I never would have dreamed I would actually win it! I think for me, the biggest thing that kept me on track was my family reminding me about the challenge, the grand prize, and my goals. On days when I just didn’t feel like taking that last walk, they would ‘remind’ me that I needed to keep active and move. For me, the biggest thing was keeping in mind that there’s always a reason to not get up and work out, but that most of those reasons were not really ‘good’ reasons. There was no reason that I couldn’t get up and be active for 30 minutes a day. For me, I had to start small; a couple of 5-10 minute walks just around the block each day and then stretching those into 30-45 minute walks. I’ve come a long way, but now that I have seen what I can do, I am excited to see if I can keep up those habits throughout 2020 to meet and then maintain my end goal. Everyone doing this as a company really gave me that extra push – seeing who was way ahead in steps, etc. always gave me that person to chase even if I knew I wouldn’t catch up, it gave me that extra desire to go a little bit longer past what was comfortable.”

Congratulations to Nikki and everyone that participate, because everyone is a winner and we are incredibly proud of all! 

We are excited to see what program Registry Partners has for 2020.