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That’s Why they call it netWORKING!

To some folks networking comes naturally and to others they would rather complete a college dissertation.  It is not easy to network, you have to make a concentrated and sustained effort to keep your circle from closing.  Networking is both an art and a science, most of us tend to like one or other, but not both.  Mixing the art of opening yourself up and being…

Posted on Apr. 27, 2015 in From Our Perspective

Q&A: Regional Nodes Examined

Q:    A patient diagnosed with breast cancer by a core biopsy of a supraclavicular lymph node followed by a mastectomy with seven axillary lymph nodes removed.   How do you code regional nodes examined, 07 or 08? A:    Code 08, per CS general instructions if the positive aspiration or core biopsy is from a node in a “different” node region, include the node in the count of…

Posted on Apr. 24, 2015 in From Our Perspective

Consultant Spotlight: Patricia “Tricia” Fordham, CTR

Patricia Fordham

Patricia has worked as a Project Manager/QC Manager since 2012.  She has worked on a variety of projects consisting of state report only and accredited cancer program projects.  Patricia performs weekly quality control reviews on all her assigned projects.  She provides guidance and support to the project CTRs in answering abstracting questions and is involved with project set up and defining the abstracting parameters.  Patricia has…

Posted on Apr. 23, 2015 in Consultant Spotlight

Staffing…..decisions, decisions, decisions

Management is defined as the skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department, sports team etc.  Managing is the process of deciding how to use or do something. Staffing decisions are meant to be based on the balance of quality and cost, just output is directly proportional to input. Managers have various styles of decision-making in their role.  Some managers tend to be more…

Posted on Apr. 21, 2015 in From Our Perspective