Staffing…..decisions, decisions, decisions


Marketing Manager

Management is defined as the skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department, sports team etc.  Managing is the process of deciding how to use or do something.

Staffing decisions are meant to be based on the balance of quality and cost, just output is directly proportional to input.

Managers have various styles of decision-making in their role.  Some managers tend to be more intuitive in their decision-making process which can rely highly on emotion and implicit knowledge at the point the decision is being made.   While other Managers may be more deliberate in their style that relies on more cognitive factors such as beliefs, arguments and reason.

No matter what type of manager you are or what style you utilize, the bottom line is the overall staffing responsibility falls on your shoulders.  You are responsible to assess the current situation, while at the same time forecast the future needs of the department or program.

Scenario/Case Example:

If the cancer registry case finding, abstracting, follow-up and/or reporting is in arrears, you can be sure that an assessment must be completed and calculations must be made on what it will take to correct the deficit.  The issue becomes the risk of staying in a backlog situation, while each day the backlog compounds itself into a much larger overwhelming issue.  Companies like Registry Partners Incorporated can perform a cost-effective assessment, plan of action and most importantly the resources to clean up the backlog and maintain a quality cost-effective data collection warehouse for your cancer program.

It comes down to utilizing the same methodology as day-to-day household management.  If you owe $1000 on your credit card and only make the minimum payment each month of $25, but pay an interest charge of $30 per month at the end of the year you paid $300 of your hard-earned money to now owe a balance of $1060.  You never really catch up, nor do remain even, as a matter of fact you are further behind than you were 12 months ago and it cost you $300 to inevitably increase the balance owed.

Consider utilizing a quality and cost-effective method to supplement the growing backlog of your cancer registry, your facility and cancer patients rely on your management skills.   Why make a mountain out of a mole hill?

Consultants from Registry Partners Incorporated are experienced in evaluating staffing needs and providing documentation of the length of time required to complete registry tasks.   No one can increase their FTEs without justification of the work required.   Our consultants understand the details needed to assist with proposals and staffing budgets.   Please contact us if we can assist you!