What Are Your Plans For Random Acts of Kindness Day?


Marketing Manager

Did you know February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day?  What will you do to make someone else’s day better on February 17?   

Need ideas?  Visit this link where you can download monthly or yearly calendars that include daily acts of kindness ideas for each day of the month.  This is a great way to “schedule” kindness into our day, make time to think about others and keep kindness as a primary focus in our lives.  

Too often we get busy and overwhelmed by everyday life and we forget about the little things that actually matter the most.  Being kind is easy … and small acts of kindness can make someone’s day better and in some cases may be life changing.

We encourage you to take advantage of the pre-populated Random Acts of Kindness Calendar.  Here are some examples of the very simple ideas the calendars include:

  • Call your grandparents, parents or an older relative just to say Hi.
  • Take extra winter hats and gloves to a school for children that don’t have them.
  • Smile at everyone you see all day long.
  • Surprise a friend or family member with hot chocolate.
  • Bring your teacher, co-worker or boss, coffee in the morning.
  • Make a thank you call to your local fire department or send a thank you note in the mail.
  • Make cards for residents at the local nursing home.
  • Leave a pack of baby wipes at a random changing station.
  • Put change in a vending machine for a stranger.
  • Place a note of appreciation and a small gift in a neighbor’s mailbox.  

As you can see most of these items require little effort but can make a huge impact on those around you! Don’t Delay – Get Your Random Acts of Kindness Calendar and Be Kind in 2019!

Photo by Vioricalonescu on iStock