What are the common Commission on Cancer deficiencies?


Marketing Manager

Dr. Takanishi Program Review Subcommittee Vice-Chair reported at the November 2014 Annual Surveyors and Consultants training the most common deficiencies in 2013 were related to NCDB submission and quality, abstracting timeliness, cancer liaison physician responsibilities, quality studies, and quality improvements.

Keep in mind, the standards have been revised and abstracting timeliness is no longer included in the review. The Commission on Cancer released two communication this fall that further define the patient centered standards for patient navigation, psychosocial distress screening, and survivorship care plans.

Please see the following links for this valuable information:https://www.facs.org/publications/newsletters/coc-source/special-source/standard3132 and https://www.facs.org/publications/newsletters/coc-source/special-source/standard3132