The Wall Street Journal Recognizes the Struggles of Nurses During the Pandemic; Features Registry Partners Employee


Marketing Manager

In 2002, our CEO Donna Reynolds founded Registry Partners as a way to make an impact in healthcare while working a flexible schedule remotely. Today, with more than 300 remote workers across the country who are dedicated to quality work and customer service, we are proud of how the company has grown, yet our core values remain the same.

The last 22 months have been very difficult for most people, but particularly healthcare workers. As our clients and potential employees know, Registry Partners employs a high percentage of nurses and former nurses who sought to expand their careers into quality, data abstraction and leadership. It can be difficult for those working the frontlines of healthcare to leave, but we know that the work they do still has an important impact on patient care. 

Last month, we were contacted by The Wall Street Journal about interviewing an employee who left nursing during the pandemic. We had several wonderful team members volunteer to speak with the reporter and yesterday, the article was published, featuring our own Erine Cressell. Erine is a former hospital nurse who now works for us remotely as a senior project manager, giving her more time and flexibility with her family. Although she is fairly new to our company, she has already had a positive effect on her colleagues and on her clients, and we are so grateful that she was willing to open up and share her story. Thank you, Erine.

We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the challenges those in healthcare face on a daily basis, especially during a pandemic, and to send you our sincere appreciation for all that you do. Although our employees work remotely, the majority are still very connected to their former hospital or health system friends and colleagues, and we want you to know how grateful we are for everything you do for Registry Partners, our clients and most of all, the patients you may never meet, but who benefit from your incredible work. Thank you.

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