Professional Opportunities for Certified Tumor Registrars


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Certified Tumor Registrars (affectionately known as CTR’s) are known for their specific education, training and subsequent credentialed skills in the collection of cancer data.  The CTR is essential in the capture of health history, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up in the advancement of cancer care in the United States.  Whether the data is utilized for cancer research, public health or prevention and screening programs, it simply cannot be validated without the quality and meticulous work of a Certified Tumor Registrar.

CTR’s are widely utilized in medical centers that are known for diagnosing and treating cancer. Most of these facilities have a Cancer or Tumor Registry that serves as the data warehouse for the collection of cancer specific data. The role of the Certified Tumor Registrar is not limited to working within the walls of the medical center.   With the advanced of the Electronic Medical Record this has allowed the CTR to work from any remote location. This same advancement has created endless opportunities for CTR’s to utilize their credentials for professional growth.

We have taken the opportunity to share a short list of some of the expanding opportunities currently available to qualified Certified Tumor Registrars:

  • Hospital or remote based CTR’s for abstracting cancer data and quality control
  • Hospital or remote based CTR’s for ensuring/maintaining Commission on Cancer accreditation status
  • Cancer research
  • County, State and National Cancer Data collection centers
  • Cancer Program and Service Line Management
  • CTR mentoring and continuing education for new and future CTR’s
  • Accreditation and supportive organizations and resources for cancer programs
  • Ownership, Management, Support Team Member of a Cancer Registry outsource, supplemental or consulting service

Recognizing there are so many more unique opportunities for people who are credentialed as a Certified Tumor Registrar, we encourage you to share with us your unique role as a CTR through the blog inquiry Q&A forum or if you are interested in applying for an opportunity to share your talents with Registry Partners Incorporated, please complete the application section of our web page.