National Cancer Registrars Week – Hidden Jewels of Cancer Care “Jewels of the Week” Recap


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As we embark on the last day of National Cancer Registrars Week – “Hidden Jewels of Cancer Care” celebration, we wanted to take a moment to recap our CTR team members who were selected as our “Jewels of the Week”.  

Our first “Jewel of the Week” was Kim Rodriguez, RHIT, CTR, Project Director for Registry Partners. In honor of National Cancer Registrars Week we asked Kim:

“How has Registry Partners supported you as a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR)?” Kim shared that “Even before officially joining Registry Partners, I had so much support professionally and emotionally as I made the transition from supervising in the hospital to managing in the remote setting. My vice presidents worked to help me gain more experience in areas I wasn’t as knowledgeable in. They also knew my passion and strengths were in breast programs.  Registry Partners fostered my skill set and today I am now directing projects which I think would not have happened if I stayed in the traditional registry setting.”

Our second “Jewel of the Week” was Melissa Chapman, RHIT, CTR, Project CTR for Registry Partners.  In honor of National Cancer Registrars Week we asked Melissa:

“What is the biggest benefit in your life, working from home with Registry Partners?”  Melissa shared that “Working for Registry Partners allows me to save money and be there for my family more.  Since I started with Registry Partners I have been able to avoid multiple gas fill-ups, car maintenance and child care expenses.  I no longer have to worry about bad weather and scary road conditions. The hours I put in suit my life and not the other way around. Working from home has given me peace of mind and the ability to balance my work and life.”

Our third “Jewel of the Week” was Nicole Burmeister-Kintz, AAS, CTR, Project Manager for Registry Partners.  In honor of National Cancer Registrars Week we asked Nicole:

“What is your favorite aspect working for Registry Partners?” Nicole shared “My favorite aspect of working for Registry Partners is the never-ending support and encouragement provided to me every day. I can reach out to anyone at any time, and they are there to support me, guide me and offer me plenty of encouragement. I never feel that I am left alone to solve problems that come up in the day-to-day world of cancer registry. I am definitely part of a team that cares and Registry Partners is behind me 100%.”

Our fourth “Jewel of the Week” was Cora Spain, BS, CTR, Project & Quality Control Manager for Registry Partners.  In honor of National Cancer Registrars Week we asked Cora:

“What is your most memorable experience working as a CTR for Registry Partners?” Cora shared “My entire experience working for Registry Partners thus far has been a memorable one. Everyone works towards the same goal, providing quality data, and it shows in the work we do every day.  Everyone I have worked with has made me feel comfortable asking questions and their door has always been open whether working as a project CTR or in my current management role. Even though everyone is spread out across different states it still feels like everyone is so close … like a work family.  The ongoing support as I transitioned from one position to another and the feedback I have received has all made my experience a tremendous, memorable one. I am so thankful to be part of this team!”

Thank you to all four of our “precious jewels” for taking part in our Jewels of the Week activity.  We would also like to extend our thanks to the entire Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) team.  We have been blessed with a huge treasure chest filled with MANY “precious CTR jewels”. As part of our NCRA week celebrations, each team member was presented with a special gift item as a tribute to their undeniable talents and contributions. Thanks to all of you for helping make this a great place to work!  

Photo by Spemone on Pexels