Milestone Monday – Valerie Lovejoy – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Valerie Lovejoy, Associate CTR for the Oncology Services Line, is celebrating her 5-Year Anniversary this month. 

Valerie started in 2016 as a part-time CTR and transitioned to a full-time member in October 2019. She said in regards to this achievement that she is, “Thankful and happy I’m able to continue doing what I’m passionate about and making an important impact on cancer care at Registry Partners, a company that also cares about quality data and its impact on the care of cancer patients.”

When asked about what has contributed to her longevity with the company, she said, “Commitment and loyalty are important, and finding a company like Registry Partners who share those values and cares for its employees like family is hard to find. The combination of helping CTRs strive to improve themselves and the quality of data. From my specific abstracting team to the administrative level everyone values me as a person who is an important part of a team. Abstracting remotely from home with the flexibility of work hours to balance my other life responsibilities. Regular communication ranging from abstracting feedback and education to updates in the industry and with Registry Partners. Opportunities to learn various EMR and cancer registry software programs by abstracting on different facilities.”

Valerie said others should consider working for us because “Abstracting remotely with the flexibility of work hours to balance other life responsibilities, a team who feels more like a family who values commitment, loyalty, quality and education to improve skills, opportunities to abstract for different types of facilities and learn different software programs.”

Congratulations, Valerie, on reaching your 5-year anniversary! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!