“Milestone Monday” – Tammy Lemon


Marketing Manager

“Milestone Monday”

Tammy Lemon, RN, Validation Manager for our Quality Services Division, celebrated her 5-Year anniversary with Registry Partners in July, 2017. When asked what this special milestone means to her and what has contributed to her longevity with the company she shared “Being able to work from home and make up my own schedule has been wonderful. I haven’t missed any school functions or any of my childrens’ milestones. Most of all I appreciate the people I work with. They are among the most knowledgeable, professional and considerate people I’ve ever met.”

Tammy mentioned that others have questioned what it’s like working from home and how it could possibly be like a “real job” … her response “Registry Partners is real people with real dedication doing real work in the real world”.    

Congratulations Tammy on reaching your 5 year Anniversary!  Thank you for all that you do…we appreciate you!