Milestone Monday – Susanne Jonas – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Susanne Jonas, RT(T), CTR, Project CTR for our Oncology Services Division, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary with Registry Partners in April, 2018.

When asked what this special milestone means to her, Susanne replied “Time goes by when you enjoy your work, feel challenged and are appreciated for your contribution. I know that a large percentage of people work for a company for about two years and move on.  When I see a company with employees who reach these 5-10 year milestones it says alot about the employees and the company. Registry Partners is not the only company seeking to fill this niche in the Oncology community but this loyalty shows Registry Partners is a leader in the field.”

Susanne believes her longevity with the company is because “Registry Partners has met my part time needs and provides me with needed educational opportunities to maintain my skills. When I began this phase of my career I had no plans on how long I would continue to work, but here I am at five years.  I have enjoyed all of the project managers, quality control managers and others I have worked with on various projects.

She added “working remotely provides a whole other environment to work as a CTR. If you work at a facility with limited staff, the opportunity for advancement can be limited. Working for Registry Partners offers opportunities for advancement in multiple venues (abstracting, administration, quality, education, information systems, marketing, etc). For CTRs beginning their career, the opportunities are unlimited.  For those CTRs, like me, only wanting part-time, Registry Partners provides a flexible opportunity to continue being a meaningful part of Oncology.

Congratulations Susanne on reaching your 5 year Anniversary!  Thank you for all that you do…we appreciate you!