Milestone Monday – Michele Grantadam – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

Michele Grantadam, RN, BSN, Pediatric Abstractor for our Quality Services Division, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary with Registry Partners on August 16th, 2018.  

Michele stated “I feel proud and fortunate to have contributed 5 years to a company that creates positive influences in patients’ lives and in their health. I look forward to contributing many more years to Registry Partners’ success.”

Michele believes the satisfaction she receives from her work, the flexibility and dependable employment are all reasons she has reached this milestone.  She stated “Registry Partners exudes professionalism, yet understands the importance of a balance of family life and work life. It is difficult to balance everything in life at times and Registry Partners strives to create an opportunity that makes life’s balancing act more reasonable for their employees.”

Michele believes others should consider working for Registry Partners because “every team, from my core group to the executive team can be relied upon to be supportive, knowledgeable, dependable and always striving to do their best – what a great atmosphere to work in!”

Congratulations Michele on reaching your 5 year anniversary!  Thank you for all that you do … we appreciate you!