Milestone Monday – DeNae Garcia – 5 Year Anniversary


Marketing Manager

DeNae Garcia, Senior Project Manager for the Registry Partners Pediatric Service Line, celebrated her 5-Year Anniversary on April 3, 2022.

DeNae joined Registry Partners in April 2017, starting as a Pediatric Clinical Data Abstractor. She was promoted to Senior Project Manager in April 2021, supporting VPS, IMPACT, and CHND projects. When asked what it means to reach this milestone she said, “​​Loyalty is a characteristic that I value above many. Being with Registry Partners for the past 5 years demonstrates my commitment to being loyal to a company that has made me feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged to grow in my professional life.”

DeNae also said, “I am certain that the commitment to excellence from both upper management and my service line leaders is the absolute reason for staying with Registry Partners.” when asked about her longevity with the company. 

Lastly, when asked why others should consider a career with us she said,

Originally, I promoted the flexible hours and the work from home environment; now, I boast that the family atmosphere that most people crave in their workplace is a real thing and is achievable here at Registry Partners. I am also a product of professional growth and love to tell people their opportunity to grow in their profession and advance in this field is a very real and expected culture at Registry Partners.

Congratulations, DeNae, on reaching your 5-year anniversary! Thank you for your dedication.