Mid-Year Checkpoint


Marketing Manager

We are a little over half-way through 2020 and so far it’s been a doozy of a year with the ongoing global pandemic, mass protests, a dust storm, politics as usual and so much more. Hopefully, you’ve managed to find some sort of calm amongst the chaos in the world. Working from home may have become your new normal as of late and with that has probably come new challenges and adjustments for you and possibly your family. Take some time to check-in with yourself and see if you’re meeting your goals and see areas where you may be able to improve your day to day routine. 

Also, take time to recognize how awesome you might have been so far… looking at a mom who has possibly transitioned to working from home, trying to master e-learning, and juggle a new “normal” schedule for the family while preparing three meals a day and many other tasks! 

Although we are still uncertain what the rest of 2020 will bring, we can all hope for the next six months to be better than the first – revisit your goals and try to turn the rest of 2020 into something great for you personally! 

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash