It’s That Time of the Year…Safe Travel Tips


Marketing Manager

All of us at Registry Partners wish our team members, clients, and friends a happy, healthy, and safe summer.  Whether traveling alone, with family or a large group, we thought we would share some helpful safety tips for all.  Take a few minutes to read over this safety tip list, enjoy your trip and come home to tell us all about your fun and adventure!

  • Don’t keep your money, credit/debit cards in one location in case something gets lost or stolen
  • Avoid wearing expensive or flashy jewelry
  • Never put your wallet/purse in your back pocket of your pants/jeans/shorts
  • Scan your major travel documents such as Visa, Passport, Photo ID and email to yourself in case your documents get lost or stolen
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance, there are so many options for all types of travel
  • If participating in an adventure sport/tour, check then fine print for instructor/guide certification and/or specialty training to ensure they and their equipment practice and focus on safety
  • Ensure your vaccinations are current based on your destination
  • If flying use the website to locate the best seats on your type of plane
  • If driving make sure your gas tanks is always at least 1/3 full, bring water, energy bars, an emergency car kit and GPS
  • Leave a detailed itinerary with friends or family
  • Don’t post on social media that you are traveling and will not be home if you are leaving an empty house
  • If you are unfortunately approached by a mugger/robber, give it up, it’s not worth your life
  • Avoid using your credit card at an internet café or reading your credit card numbers out loud in a public area
  • Enjoy your travels, use common sense and be aware of your surroundings!