Inside the Registry Partners Incorporated Corporate Office


Marketing Manager

I had the opportunity to work at the corporate office for a week in February.  Working from a home office has many benefits, but working face to face provides much-needed interaction and relationship building.    The corporate office for Registry Partners Incorporated (RPI) provides the foundation for our success.   Though the CTR consultants represent RPI to our hospital clients, we have just as devoted individuals in the corporate office keeping our nation wide business functioning.

The recruiters are as friendly and helpful as they sound on the phone!  I couldn’t wait to meet Lauren, the newest recruiter to join the RPI family.  Our Sarcoma Foundation nurses continue to impress me with their compassion and sincerity.  I found I received a little more exercise that week thanks to the stairs that connect the office suites.  I had expected leaving Chicago for North Carolina would allow to me shed my winter coat- that was not true!  I am not sure if rental cars in Chicago come equipped with ice scrapers, but I had to use a credit card to scrape my car windows before driving to the office two of the mornings.

The IT team at RPI is always  patient with those of us who aren’t as savvy with electronics.   I was thrilled when IT guru and security article contributor Chris was able to sync my non-exchange version of outlook with my iPhone.  I should never have a scheduling conflict again now that all my calendars match up!  Our finance and human resource teams are the most conscientious people I know.  Our clients can rest assure they are responsible and thorough.

As the new Director of Business Development for Oncology Services, I am privileged to join a team with years of experience, enthusiasm, and genuine love for their job.  As RPI grows, we continue to add systems and processes to maintain our efficiencies and provide opportunities for growth.  We are on a great path.

Working on our marketing plans and thinking up new graphics and branding was a welcome change from the clinical world of oncology data.  What is the best method to reach our customers?  Do hospitals administrators read printed materials anymore?  What are our social media plans?   These were just a few of the questions we discussed.   I also learned the office is very near a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  Who doesn’t love comfort food surrounded by dedicated, kind, and happy co-workers!

I spent the majority of my time with Donna, the President and COO.  I just hope I can absorb half of what I see she can accomplish with her leadership style and passion for our company.

Looking forward to my next visit in April – and hoping it will be warmer than in Chicago!

Linda Reimers, CTR