‘The Ins and Outs of Mentoring’- Presented by NCRA Mentoring Committee


Mentoring can be defined as simply as: advising someone with less experience. The NCRA provides mentoring services for students working toward their certification in the cancer registry field, newly certified tumor registrars, new department managers, persons looking to complete clinical hours, and anyone who indicates they would like to learn more about the cancer registry in general.  The NCRA developed a mentoring committee which exists to help in matching a new mentee with the appropriate mentor for their needs.  NCRA mentors are expected to demonstrate good communication skills, be good role models, and also provide support, feedback, and encouragement.

The NCRA mentoring program is open to all active NCRA members.  There is a simple application to fill out on the NCRA webpage in order to be considered for a volunteer mentoring position.  You can earn CE credit hours for time spent mentoring for the NCRA.  The NCRA provides resources online through the mentoring section found on the NCRA’s webpage, www.ncra-usa.org/Education/Mentoring.  At the moment there are only 100 NCRA registered mentors and 475 requests for mentors, so the NCRA really needs some new mentors to sign up and help with this service.  

Help an aspiring CTR, become a NCRA mentor today!