How Empathetic Are You?


Marketing Manager

Empathy is an important quality to have whether personally or professionally… there is a place for empathy in all settings.  

The word empathy, defined is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

How often do you ask someone how they are doing or how life has been treating them? How often do you take the time to get to know someone better?  

In a video titled “How Can Empathy Take Everyone Farther” recorded by Julia Landauer, a two-time NASCAR race champion from New York City, on Leadercast Now, Julia emphasizes the importance of empathy and how it has a place in all industries and careers and understanding the point of view others have, what is challenging for them, what obstacles they have, what bothers them, etc. 

Having a real conversation to dig deeper and get to know someone can lead to some very helpful discoveries and insights into human behavior that may have an impact in your work life (for the company you work for) and may also affect your growth as a person.

By empathizing at work and putting compassion into your professional relationship building, it may have a positive impact on how well a team works together. Empathy can help tear down walls that otherwise may not be able to be torn down and help your entire team mesh better.