Healing Bells


During the holiday season, we like to do something a little more fun for the Registry Partners blog (I know, I know, MORE FUN? How is that possible?).  This year, one of our talented blog contributors Lisa Landvogt- BA, CTR, Accreditation Services Director for the Registry Partners Oncology Division, transformed “Silver Bells” into a holiday anthem for Cancer Registrars and Oncology Departments everywhere.  We hope that you enjoy “Healing Bells” and that you have a happy and safe Holiday Season.


“Healing Bells”


Rural Programs, Urban Programs

Treating patients for awhile,

In the air there is a feeling, of Christmas.

Nurses laughing, Doctors passing,

Meeting smile after smile,

And in every room you’ll hear…


Healing bells, Healing bells,

It’s treatment time, at the program.

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,

Soon it will be treatment day!


Strings of call lights,  even flashlights,

Blink a bright red and green,

As the staff rush in with their treasures.

Watch the chemo drip, hear the patient’s quip,

This is Cure’s big scene!

And above all this bustle you’ll hear…


Healing bells, healing bells,

it’s treatment time in the program.

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,

Soon it will be discharge day!!



Merry Christmas from Registry Partners