Employee Feedback & Employee Satisfaction… The Heartbeat To Our Success!


How many times have you been asked to share feedback with your employer? Did your employer do something with the feedback received? Do you feel your employer listened to the feedback provided?

At Registry Partners, we wholeheartedly believe in requesting feedback from our team members… giving them a voice to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns.  

We want to understand how employees feel about their employment experience… both positive and negative, and we want to learn more about how we can make their employment experience better. At Registry Partners, we listen to our employees!

Each and every employee is important to our success… regardless of employment status (part time or full time), regardless of position… or credentials… or title… each team member plays an important part in the company’s success.  

We genuinely appreciate input and feedback which helps us create a company culture employees appreciate and can truly connect with… one where employees feel a sense of belonging.  

In our most recent corporate-wide employee feedback survey (2015 to 2016), Registry Partners received an “A rating” by our team members… a 96% overall employee satisfaction rate.  

The team shared these ten attributes  that contributed to their satisfaction:

  • The company has a supportive team environment & positive work environment
  • The company/team feels like family
  • The company/team is professional, knowledgeable and patient
  • The company/team is committed to quality
  • The company is very organized with efficient operations
  • The company listens to employees
  • The company values and appreciates employees
  • The company has excellent/expert leadership
  • The company offers growth/advancement, challenging/rewarding positions
  • The company offers flexibility and the ability to achieve a better work/life balance

Listening to our employees and learning about the things most important to them is critical to maintaining a positive work environment… one where employees feel supported, cared for, valued and appreciated… one where they can achieve a better work life balance and one where going to work no longer “feels” like work.  

If this sounds like a work environment you have been looking for but have not yet found, don’t delay, apply today at www.registrypartners.com/careers.

Stay tuned for additional employee satisfaction/feedback postings in the coming weeks!