CTR Coding Break – Understanding Breast Surgery Codes


Marketing Manager


Breast surgery can diagnose cancer, stage cancer, debulk cancer, cure or palliate cancer. We have close to 50 breast surgery codes and choosing the best one can be a challenge sometimes. Gaining a better understanding can assist with coding. 

A Partial Mastectomy is a general term for Breast-Sparing surgery, Lumpectomy, Quadrantectomy, or Segmental Mastectomy, while a Lumpectomy is specifically a wide excision of a tumor with a small amount of healthy breast tissue taken. Code 22 is used when a patient has a Lumpectomy and an additional margin excision during the same procedure. Breast Conserving surgery removes the tumor and some surrounding tissue, while a Total Mastectomy removes the entire breast. Code 30 is used for a Skin Sparing and Nipple Sparing Mastectomy. It is essentially a Skin-Sparing Mastectomy with breast reconstruction. Autologous tissue reconstructs the breast using a woman’s own tissue, while tissue expanders are used after breast removal to stretch the breast’s skin in preparation for reconstruction. 

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