CTR Coding Break – SSDI Range Codes


Marketing Manager


The August CTR Coding Break reviews SSDI codes that may be recorded in the medical record with ranges instead of an exact lab value. Breast Ki-67 is a marker of cell proliferation. Colon and Rectum SSDI circumferential resection margin is a strong prognostic factor for local or systemic recurrences. Colon and Rectum SSDI tumor deposits are discrete nodules of cancer in pericolic/perirectal fat without evidence of lymph node tissue. When a range value is given, code one number higher than the lower number within the range. Allred Score is calculated by taking the ER/PR percentage and the intensity. ER & PR status is the percentage of tumor cells with positive nuclear staining and intensity refers to the degree of nuclear positivity. If a range is given for ER and/or PR percentage, and the range crosses over the definitions for the range scores, then an Allred score cannot be assigned. Do not use the lower score in this scenario.   

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