CTR Coding Break – Priority Order


Marketing Manager

This month’s CTR Coding Break topic is “Can you determine the priority order?” Some of the fields we assign have a priority order to use when there is conflicting information, and it can be challenging to know where to look for help. The objectives of this presentation are to identify some of the fields that contain a priority order and know where to look when you have conflicting information. Three case examples are presented showing the priority order: Case example 1 shows conflicting reports for primary site of colon; Case example 2 shows conflicting procedures for breast conserving surgery codes; and Case example 3 examines multiple different tumor sizes on imaging. We will review each case example and attempt to determine the correct answer. After each case example we will review what the priority is for that field and where it can be found within the SEER manual. I hope this topic will be beneficial to CTR’s!

Click here if you would like to download this presentation as a PDF.