CTR Coding Break – Endometrial Coding Review


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The June CTR Coding Break provides an overview of tips and information relative to histology and grade, AJCC 8th edition staging, treatment, and primary site coding. Endometrial primaries histology of mixed types along with terms used as synonyms are reviewed, an example being MMMT Malignant Mixed Mesodermal Tumors as a synonym for Carcinosarcoma. Additional histologic coding examples are provided as well, along with a brief discussion on the histology coding instruction. A number of grade coding histologies exist where grade coding has been established based on the histologic terminology. Per the CAP Cancer Committee, Serous, Clear Cell, and others as reviewed in the presentation are always assigned grade code 3. The AJCC 8th Edition staging manual also contains some exceptions and coding instructions for use of clinical data in pathologic staging, and this information is also reviewed. Treatment coding regarding omentectomies and D & C’s are also reviewed along with hormone therapy coded as ‘Other therapy’ based on current guidelines.

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